Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting to feel like myself again.

I am finally starting to feel like myself again. It seems to have gotten better with each day over the past week or so. Granted, I have still "lost" my food from time to time, but keeping the majority of it down has given me energy and strength once again. I often think of those without food, and feel so fortunate that I have never had to go without. I can't imagine having to ration out food each day, and not knowing if there would be any tomorrow. I can't fathom not being able to feed my children. We are blessed to have plenty, although we also have an even greater responsibility to help those without.

As I sat at our kitchen table watching the snow fall this morning while doing my quiet time, I couldn't help but to sense God's peace. The snow seems to make everything so pure. I could still hear birds chirping, and in my mind they were worshiping the Lord. They may have been cold and searching for food, but they were still singing away! To think that God cares for even His smallest of creations, how can I ever doubt that He will take care of me?

John and I were discussing idols in our lives yesterday, and I admitted that one of mine is comfort. I don't want to go through trials, I would rather my life just be easy. But, when I think to those who have nothing in terms of material possessions, their faith usually seems so my greater than my own.

I still have so much to learn, and I pray that the God who started a good work in me would carry it out until the day of completion.

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