Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet baby kicks.

There are a few things in life I will never tire of... and feeling this miracle move around inside of me is one of them.

I first felt this little one move much earlier than I felt Kaleb. The tiniest of little flutters were experienced when the world around me was quiet and still, usually in the middle of the night. Then we went home for my grandfather's funeral and I stopped feeling flutters much, but I attributed it to not really sitting much and crashing as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sure enough, two nights before Kaleb and I headed back to Poland I was up in the night, unable to sleep when I felt baby's distinct kicks. Two of them to be exact. Not just little flutters, but definite little kicks. And with that a flood of memories can rushing in, reminding me of the precious moments in store. From the faintest of flutters to definite kicks, to daddy feeling from the outside, to strong movements, to being able to determine which body parts are where.

When I arrived back in Poland John was able to feel baby kick that first night. (One benefit of being up with jet lag!) Sweet, precious memories that I will always hold close. I tend to make a big deal about firsts, and first baby kicks felt is certainly no exception.

Now our little guy's movements remind me that he is constantly growing, getting bigger and stronger, and preparing to join our family in the months ahead. Each little kick also reminds me that God is so gracious, that His timing in perfect, that He is in control, and that He loves this little one even more than I already do. Amazing.

Friday, January 20, 2012


We are beyond thrilled to announce that baby Turek is a BOY!!! I had a feeling he was, but I wasn't sure whether to attribute it to instinct or to the fact that all I know right now is boy. Regardless, I have been saying "this little guy" and "he" and whatnot for a while not. John didn't have a strong feeling either way, but if he had to guess he said boy.

We left early for our doctors appointment yesterday afternoon arriving 30 minutes early. Can you say anxious? Once we made it to the ultrasound portion of the exam, we didn't have to wait much longer. Our doctor said, "Well, it is NOT a girl!" At that point we were still trying to make out the image in front of us. But as she zoomed in we could see his little hand- touching his boy parts. Apparently self discovery starts in the womb. Who knew?

So, I don't think there is any denying that Kaleb will have a little brother to play with and get into mischief with. I am sure they will keep us on our toes in the coming years, but I am excited to watch Kaleb in his new role. Last night as I gave Kaleb his bath, I got tears in my eyes imagining him playing with his little brother, splashing away. Boys play so much differently than girls, so it will be fun that they get to play "boy" together. Although at some point I am sure I will be wishing they would just play girl. (Example: When they proudly bring in a snake from the woods and I run and scream.)

We are having fun imagining what our family will look like in the coming years. All I know is that if this little one takes after his father and big brother in the appetite department I may be in the kitchen all. day. long. Anyone who has witnessed John (or Kaleb for that matter) pack away food will understand this statement.

I can still remember a professor asking in class one day if we could only have all boys or all girls, which would we choose. I said BOY. Why? Because I didn't feel there were enough strong, mature, Godly men in this world. I would have the same answer today. I pray my boys will be just like their daddy: strong protectors and providers of their families that love the Lord and adoringly love and cherish their wife and children. (This is not to say that I don't adore girls or that I don't want one of my own some day, because I totally do. Or that I think one birth order is better than another, because I don't. I think every family's order of genders is just perfect and what God designed for them.)

I am so excited to start thinking of names and planning the nursery!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brother or Sister?

Will it be this?

(Photo from Etsy)

Or this?

(Photo from Etsy)

Today is the BIG day. We will (hopefully) find out if Kaleb is going to have a little brother or sister! The suspense is killing me, and I have a feeling the next few hours are going to seem like days. Honestly, I hadn't done too much thinking about it up until the past few days. First, I was just trying to get through the first trimester and then just as I was starting to feel better life got crazy in other areas.

Now that we have been home about a week from our unexpected trip to the States, life seems more "normal" again and I feel as if I have had more time to anticipate the arrival of our little one. I spent a little time browsing nursery ideas the other day, and it just made all the more anxious to know.

So... we will update you once we get the word out to family. That is, IF baby Turek cooperates!

Giddy with excitement,


(I think Kaleb is excited as well as he should be napping by now but is not.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

We MADE it!

After a long day of travels, Kaleb and I made it back to "daddy" here in Poland. There is one thing I can't stop thinking about after an exhausting trip: the kindness of strangers. I wonder if the United worker that bumped me up to Economy Plus so I'd have a seat for Kaleb knows just how much I appreciate it. (I can't even imagine if I would have survived that trip with Kaleb on my lap along with baby in my belly!) I wonder if the flight attendant who called me "honey" the entire duration of the flight will ever know how much I appreciate the milk he brought for Kaleb just when we needed it or the meal he kept warm for me until I could actually eat it. I wonder if the Lufthansa gate attendant will ever know how much her warm smile meant to me as I ran to the gate just as she was calling my name for final boarding, or the time she took to print off a boarding pass for Kaleb since he wasn't issued one even though I was delaying the flight.

So often we can be used by God to help others without even realizing just how much our smiles and small courtesies mean to them. After all, you can't tell from the outside what others may be dealing with in the inside. I may never be able to express my gratitude to each person that helped out along the way, but I can pray that they too will experience little glimpses of God's grace in their daily lives.

All that to say... I am just thankful to be back, reunited with my husband. I am thankful to see Kaleb loving on his daddy and vice versa. Last night we brought Kaleb into bed with us at some point and he just kept kissing John. It was so sweet, even if we were all exhausted. Unfortunately, John had to leave today as he ended up making the All-Star team and he plays in a game across the country tomorrow. We had planned my arrival home so he would actually be home for a bit before traveling again, but I should know by now that life never goes as planned! Although selfishly I would rather have him home, I am also thankful for the opportunity he has been given.

We will see what tonight brings, but at least Kaleb doesn't seem to be scared of his surroundings as he was when we first arrived this fall. He is sleeping in his crib, not his tent, and he went to bed tonight with just a few little whimpers after lots of cuddles from mama. Thanks again for all your prayers. We could not have made it back without God's strength and the people He used along the way to help us get here.