Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cute "Daddy" moments.

I've decided to start doing some posts about all the cute and funny things my husband has been saying lately. Of course, perhaps no one else will think they are so sweet, but at least I will have a little collection of quotes to look back at once we are on the other side of this pregnancy. For those of you who know John, I hope you'll appreciate it as well.

My belly is finally starting to pop and it makes everything seem all the more real. John has been rubbing my belly, kissing it, and saying sweet things to the baby all along, but now it is becoming all the more frequent.

Yesterday we were talking about everything and John eluded to the fact that he is feeling a bit left out. He then proceeded to say, "It just doesn't seem fair that you get to hold the baby all the time. I should get at least one day a week to hold him."

My heart melted. I can't wait for the day when he finally does get to hold baby Turek in his arms. Call me sappy, but just the thought of our tiny little baby in his big, strong arms makes my eyes mist over.


Anne S said...

My guess is that in a couple of months you might offer to let him hold the baby for a few days!

Mrs. Turek said...

Yes, for sure! Maybe even for a few weeks. ;)