Monday, November 5, 2012

Scentsy- in Europe!

It is with great excitement that I am sharing my latest adventure with you. I recently started up my own business here in Germany selling Scentsy, flameless candles.

Scentsy has been in the States for a while now and just keeps gaining in popularity. I went to my first "party" several years back and was intrigued by the products. However, since we live over in Europe a majority of the year I couldn't justify buying the warmers. So, I just listened to the rave reviews from afar, wishing that I could enjoy some Scentsy in my life. Last spring though, when a friend was having a Scentsy fundraiser for a victim of the wildfires in Colorado, I purchased some warmers to help out.

And, of course, I loved them... and wished they were available in Europe. I am always dragging candles over here and with two boys we have never needed more space in our luggage than now. So, here I was with a limited candle supply this fall and thus started searching like a mad woman to make my home smell nice and cozy.

Enter SCENTSY! 220v warmers along with highly scented fragrance bars had arrived in Europe! I couldn't have been more excited. No more lugging candles over here and I can replenish my supply whenever needed. I did some searching and finally found a consultant to help. A week or so later I was sitting in Starbucks sniffing tons of scents and buying a warmer to take home.

Which brings me to selling these little beauties. There aren't many consultants in Germany yet, but I imagine it will gain in popularity here just as it did in the States. It is even harder to come by quality candles here, so really the market isn't nearly as saturated. I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting the word about Scentsy out there. It gives me something to do on the side while being a wife and mama to these two sweet boys.

Visit my site: for product and shipping information. You will be glad you did. I am also keeping a little blog. Check out for some fun product reviews!