Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Countdown, Please.

Our time here is getting shorter by the day. I said something to John about it this morning and he got a sad look on his face and said, "Let's not do a countdown, okay?" I think Kaleb agrees.

Infatuated with the mixer.
(Kaleb is infatuated with the mixer these days, and wasn't happy until I put it on his highchair to eat breakfast with.)
27 weeks. Love my boys!

As for me, I try not to think about it either, but tending to details that need to be taken care of at home makes that nearly impossible. If you would have asked me just a few weeks ago how I felt about leaving I would have still been feeling really reluctant about our situation. But, we keep praying... and God has slowly given me a sense of excitement about going home and "nesting." Meanwhile, Kaleb seems to be getting older by the minute. He now goes potty on the "big boy potty" with each diaper change. He is just as proud of himself as we are of him. Time just keeps marching on. I can hardly believe I am in the third trimester already, yet the first trimester seems like forever ago.

Big boy!
29 weeks!

We are enjoying every last game of daddy's before we head get on several airplanes to get back home. Kaleb had a jersey made for him, and he sure is cute sporting it. He just loves watching daddy play, and also enjoys playing himself. It is hilarious to watch what he picks up on, such as "dribbling." (Which is him hitting the ball on the ground and then shooting.)

Waiting for daddy's game to start.
Still waiting.... and trying to keep the little one entertained.

I feel the same way every year a season starts to wind down. A sense of "if only" hits me pretty hard at some point. "If only" we would have done this, "if only" we would have seen this. And soon I feel as though I am trying to make up for lost time, squeezing everything in. Yet, at the same time I am looking forward to wrapping things up and heading home for the summer. This year will be more bitter than sweet as we have to leave daddy behind for a while. I just hope I can hold myself together at the airport, for Kaleb's sake at least.

Drinks at the Gdansk Hilton.
29 weeks- this one to the day. Downtown Gdansk.

Although we have contemplated staying here to have the baby so we could all stay together during the final stretch, we just don't have a peace about it. We have been praying and praying that God would lead us in the right direction, and now we have to step out in faith and trust that He will work out everything for His glory. As of now, my due date is June 10 and John's last possible game is June 5. Kaleb and I finally have our tickets rebooked for late April... and now all we can do is trust. Trust in God's perfect timing and His provisions. He will give us strength no matter what lies ahead. We are just all looking forward to meeting this little bundle of joy. We have so much to look forward to, that is for sure.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hope of Spring.

The days have been getting longer (read: night is no longer upon us at 3:30!), the sun shining a bit brighter. Although it is still only in the 30s, the hope of Spring is here. The long, dark days of winter are behind us, and it only makes me more excited for what is in store.

26 weeks

We have been bundling up and taking more walks to the beach. Sure, it is still cold... but manageable at least. Kaleb just loves exploring the beach and I enjoy watching the world through his eyes. Everything seems more beautiful at the sea, and everyone just seems happier... even the dogs seem to have a look of contentment on their faces, if that is possible.

Winter by the sea.Wants to go in.

Kaleb also makes a great morning coffee date. Daddy had some treatment to do at a local hospital, and thus Kaleb and I went along and walked to a nearby Starbucks. Give him his cheerios and a book and he is one happy camper. He is breaking out of his shyness more by the day and was quite enthralled with the other little boy playing alongside in the kids' corner. And swimming? Oh, it is ever still a favorite. I must say it has been a favorite of mine lately as well. (What pregnant woman doesn't enjoy feeling weightless?)

Lil swimmer.Starbucks date with mommy.

I am thankful for these sweet moments. In between all the daily tasks and demands of a mom and wife... there are these precious moments when you just want time to stand still. You don't want to move forward or backward. The other day we were praying for John before he went to practice and asked Kaleb to get daddy's shoes so he could go bye-bye. What did he do? He just climbed onto John's lap and held on tight, patting his back... as if to say "don't go daddy." These are the moments I will treasure for a lifetime.

Sweet boy just wouldn't let go when we told him daddy had to go bye bye.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Miracle of Life.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
Psalm 139:13

At our last doctor appointment we were able to see our itty bitty baby boy (at 23 weeks, 4 days) in 3D. What a precious gift we've been given.... life.