Saturday, December 11, 2010

Slideshow of Pics...

My pics uploaded to photobucket, so I decided I would post a quick slideshow to show what has been going on in the last weeks. Some highlights include: Kaleb trying rice cereal on Thanksgiving Day. It didn't go over too well and we haven't tried since. He is gaining weight just fine as it is and must have gotten through his growth spurt because his eating schedule is back to normal. For a while there I thought I might go crazy. ;) We celebrated Thanksgiving with the team at our place and had a nice time eating and chatting the evening hours away. Birthdays were celebrated, coffees were shared, traditions were started, games were played, the apartment was decorated for Christmas.... and we enjoyed every smile and laugh of our sweet little son.

Heading for the USA!

The past week has been a fun whirlwind of events. Last Sunday we met up with some friends to meander through a German Christmas market and then headed to a basketball game to watch another mutual friend play. Kaleb and I headed to Italy on Monday morning to watch John play a game on Tuesday night. Everything went really smoothly and we had a fabulous time (minus the loss.) And now I have been busy unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking and we head to the States tomorrow! I wanted to do a longer post with photos, but I am too tired and think it'd be in my best interest to head to bed early before a long day of travel by myself with a four month old. If you think about me, please pray that everything goes smoothly.

I can't believe I will soon be Stateside! I am so excited for Kaleb to get to know his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends better. A trip to Starbucks and Target will be at the top of our list as will decorating the house and doing Christmas baking before John joins us at home. It will also be the first time in three years my family has all been together... I'm about ready to burst with excitement just thinking about it all!