Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Phone Call.

So, just as I was finishing up my last blog post we got a random phone call.

Caller: John?
(John and I look at each other... who in the world is this? He had an accent, and was speaking rather quietly.)
John: Yes, this is John. May I ask who I am speaking with?

The caller proceeds to tell us that he is an agent from somewhere in the Middle East. Ummm... how did this guy get our phone number?

Seven minutes later.

John: May I ask how you got my contact information?
Caller: I have been searching for you for the last six weeks. I don't know how my team found your number.

My thoughts: Great. I feel very secure that some random agent from the middle east was able to locate us.

The phone call ended as John politely referred him to his current agent for further discussion.

And then John put two and two together and informed me that someone had sent him a facebook message requesting his phone number. And I was able to relax again, knowing that our contact information was not floating around in cyberspace. Or at least that it would probably take six weeks for someone to track us down. ;)

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