Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

Happy 27th Birthday to my wonderful husband! He is getting all three things he requested:

One: No bake cookies. I made them last night for him to take to his teammates today. He walked in the door and looked like Ralphie off the Christmas Story when he saw his Red Rider under the tree. Definitely more than just excited; I would consider it pure elation.

Two: The birthday boy wants pumpkin pie for his birthday "cake" so that is what he is getting. Although I just realized that I failed to pick up birthday candles. I'm just going to have to blame it on the pregnancy brain... the catch all for my latest mistakes. I do have some tealight candles, so perhaps I will just throw one of those on top. Yes, we are classy like that. Of course I could walk to the local grocery store, but that would just require more energy which I seem to be running out of after cooking and cleaning all day. (And running a birthday related errand, but I can't spill the beans on that one yet.)

Three: One of his favorite's... four cheese chicken fettuccine. I still remember when I first tried making it for him back in our college days. It resulted in a broken glass pot, chicken with a side of glass shards... and red candle wax all over a white tablecloth. Just the thought of it makes laugh, although at the time I am pretty sure I just wanted to cry. Thankfully I have gotten a little better in the kitchen over the years. ;)

Oh... and ten years ago today John asked me to be his "girlfriend." Apparently he knew I would say "yes" or it may have very well ruined his birthday. Either that or he figured I would be too nice to say "no" and used it to his advantage. ;) So, happy anniversary of sorts too!

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Emily said...

John's lucky to have you there, making his day so special!