Saturday, February 27, 2010


I think it is good for us all to reflect upon our weeks, to appreciate the small things and to admit our weaknesses as well. So, here goes mine.


-Waking up with good morning kisses from my husband and father of the child I am carrying.
-Receiving yellow roses "just because." Although I think it had something to do with the return of morning sickness. ;)
-E-mail correspondence with two of my dearest friends. Their words make me feel as though I am living right along side of them when in reality we are miles and miles apart.
-Getting to catch up and talk about strollers with a friend whom I haven't seen in far too long.
-Taking a walk to a nearby cafe, sheepishly ordering a tea, and pouring over the pages of a baby decorating book that the above mentioned friend sent me.
-Rebounding for John while the rain poured down on the makeshift gym he plays in this year. I love watching him enjoy what he does, and am thankful that God gave us the opportunity to be here this year.
-Realizing once again that God often works in ways that we don't see at the moment, or may never see.
-Looking back through my journal to only to be reminded of how perfect God's timing is.

Lowlights: (Is this even a word? Someone please help... my poor English only declines while living abroad.)

-Spending my mornings over the toilet once again.
-Going on a 30 minute walk up and down the surrounding hills only to find out how miserably out of shape I really am. (I really contemplated taking a shower sitting in the tub, but finally convinced myself to find the strength to stand.)
-Sending my brother a package for his birthday, only to realize his name was not included on the shipping label.
-My messy kitchen.
-Realizing that it has been far too long since I talked to my sister, and wishing I were there to experience the little things in life with her.
-Craving a deli sandwich but not being able to find nitrate free meat in the grocery store here. I'm tempted to just get it freshly sliced from the deli and call it good.
-Craving crab rangoon and realizing it would be another two months until I could satisfy such a craving.
-Dreaming about crab rangoon last night only to wake up and realize that I was still in Germany.
-Googling "crab rangoon" to check spelling, only to have this photo appear and make me want it all the more. And yes, I did attempt to make them last year. However, they turned out horrible. Nothing like these tasty looking ones.


Stephen said...

Sounds like the highlights were good, at least! I've been thinking about you and praying for you.

Mollie said...

Hey girl, sorry about your "lowlights". Glad you are able to see the highlights too! I'm especially sorry about your morning sickness coming back...honestly, I dry-heaved almost everyday through the entire pregnancy first thing...nothing really comes up, but you know. So you are not alone, but it sure sucks! Hang in there. Hope to chat again soon. Love and hugs~

Mrs. Turek said...

The highlights definitely outweighed the "lowlights"... especially when most of them were as trivial as food. ;) As much as it stinks to start throwing up again, it isn't that bad. At least I am feeling better by noon and can get on with my day. I am just thankful I have an appetite and more energy than I did before!

Anne S said...

Well hmmmmm. Actually, that was me, not Stephen who has been praying for you. Dang automatic login . . .

Emily said...

When I saw the title for this post, I thought you were revisiting your days of working in a salon, and you were talking about getting highlights/lowlights in your hair. :) This list is much better. I'm glad that you are starting to regain some strength, and if you're out of shape, who'd know it? Even at 18 weeks pregnant you look great! Heck, I'm wishing I looked that good...and I'm definitely NOT pregnant!