Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Baby Turek...

Does NOT like to cooperate! The little guy or gal had his or her legs crossed once again! I told John that our little one kind of looks like him when he is sleeping, with his legs all folded up. Maybe my uterus needs to hurry up and grow so our longer-than-average child can actually stretch his or her legs out. ;) (I know... there is actually plenty of room, the position is probably just soothing for our little one.)

(Okay, I am going to refer to our child as a "he" the rest of this post because it's just easier that way, and I refuse to call our baby an "it.")

Baby Turek was busy sucking his thumb on and off, and proceeded to put one hand behind his head and rest it there. He kicked a bit and then decided enough was enough and flipped over so we could only see his backside. I can't wait to hold him, and to see how many of the characteristics he is portraying in the womb will play out in the "real world."

So... now we're back to the waiting game. We have what I am assuming would be a level two ultrasound back in the States in a few weeks. We will go back to Dortmund for the specialized ultrasound center for the appointment. I am actually kind of glad that we have to wait a bit longer. I think it will be more exciting to find out when we're looking at a clearer picture on a large plasma flat screen. John, on the other hand, was completely disappointed. He couldn't sleep last night he was so excited. He really wants to know if he is having a son or a daughter!

As far as the mom goes, I have finally gained weight! I think the nurse thought I was a little weird when I let out a little shout and threw my hands half way up in the air. Then again, she probably doesn't see too many patients excited to gain weight. But, I am finally up five pounds from my pre-throwing up weight and I thought is was a cause for a little celebration.

The doctor saw my weight and said, "You've been eating more."

Ummm.... actually it's probably a combination of having more of an appetite and not throwing up as much.

Then she proceeds to tell me that she saw me eating cake in a bakery with John and "another tall man."

I suddenly felt like a bad mom feeding my child a pastry at such a young age. I couldn't tell if she was scolding me or just wanting to relay a story.

"No no, it's ok. You are small. You need weight."

Phew. Passed that test. At least I haven't won the "bad mom of the year" award quite yet.

Note to self: You just never know who is watching your reckless behavior. ;)


Emily said...

I feel a little of John's pain. After reading your blog from yesterday, I was all excited thinking you might soon have news of the gender. Now I feel impatient...I can't imagine if I was a parent waiting to find out!

Mrs. Turek said...

I know... our little guy or girl is just incredibly stubborn I guess. ;) I just remind myself that many moms have waited an entire 40 weeks, so certainly I can wait another three!

Sjoeke said...

I remember that time with Frauke as if it was yesterday. We also had to wait longer than normal to now her gender. Do you remember? Where is the time...

Jen said...

Suzanne, I seriously doubt that eating a pastry is going to earn you "Bad mom of the year" title. If that's the case, someday I will be worst mom of all time! Live a little and enjoy a few more pastries, seriously! :D I'm sure your little belly could handle it. Plus, you might earn some bonus points with the little guy, and he'll decide to cooperate for the next ultrasound!