Tuesday, July 13, 2010

False Alarms.

Thus far we've had two false alarms, both times getting my hopes up that Baby Turek was on the way. One was about a week ago and yet another one was early this morning. I wake up with cramping that extends to my back and down my legs(which according to my books is often a sign of early labor), and it continues to get worse until the point of throwing up a couple hours later. My body finally relaxes enough for me to fall back asleep and then I wake up several hours later disappointed that I'm not having contractions or that my water hasn't broke yet.

One of the books I read, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, mentioned that it isn't unusual for the body to start the birthing process several times before it becomes powerful enough to complete the birthing process. Hopefully my body is catching on quickly, I've had enough with the false alarms and the interruption of sleep!

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Mollie said...

This might help: for me and a couple of my friends who've had babies in the last while have said your labor starts soon after you feel like your period is coming. I never read that in any books, but the night before I went into labor, I said to Brad, "hmm, it feels like my period is coming...you know, achy, blah...whatever your pre-period symptoms are". Hope that helps! We're praying!