Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh springtime, where have you gone my friend? As I sit at my kitchen table it is gloomy outside and just LOOKS cold. It is probably in the 40s right now. Lovely, right? Yesterday I went outside in the morning for a walk since the sun was shining. I made it about ten steps and turned right back around it was so cold. By the time I got back up the apartment I decided to skip my down winter coat and sit down to a cup of tea instead. :)

By the afternoon it warmed up a bit though, and I took a walk down to the grocery store where I spotted THIS:

Red, juicy watermelon. How could I possibly resist? I have been longing for summertime in the States so that I can enjoy this simple, yet oh so tasty treat. It didn't disappoint... although I will admit the big, fat juicy ones in the States are much better. At this point though, I am pretty sure that even the blandest of watermelons out there would have tasted scrumptious.

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Emily said...

Thoughts of watermelon make me ready for summer BBQs. Happy, happy thoughts. :)