Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend.

Okay, it may be a little late but for your reading pleasure, a little recap of our Easter weekend awaits. I miss going to church on Sundays, but Christmas and Easter really make me long for home all the more. Yes, we were still able to celebrate Christ's resurrection but I miss doing so corporately. That being said, we were still bound and determined to make the most of it so the weekend consisted of watching sermons online, listening and singing along to worship music, spending time in prayer together and also spending time with friends. (Oh and basketball... lots of basketball.)

On Easter Sunday we headed to some friends' whom graciously hosted Sunday lunch. Two of John's teammates are from Lithuania, so we were excited to see what a typical Lithuanian Easter consisted of. We started off playing with this adorable little one, so naturally the day was already off to a good start.

John made himself at home and started playing with the cute dog while I tried to help out in the kitchen. Although truth be told, I didn't really know what we were doing or as to why certain foods were being put on the table and others were not. I just played along though and tried to help out where I could.

We started off with lunch, which I assumed was the only meal we were having only to find out that we would eat again several hours later! I would have prepared my foods a bit differently had I known, but as the saying goes: all is well that ends well. And of course, it did.

After getting dominated in egg cracking wars, playing UNO, sipping tea, chatting, watching the guys roam in the backyard and the eating again we enjoyed our last dessert of the evening.... some sort of chocolate/pineapple torte. We had already consumed carrot cupcakes and cheesecake earlier in the day, so this was just the finale! I think baby Turek also enjoyed the Lithuanian style of celebration. :)

The next day (Easter Monday here in Germany) was game day and our second to last home game of the year. Our little boy was just over six months old in my womb and I was frantically trying to find something, anything in my wardrobe to work with my growing belly. Thankfully I have such a sweet husband who makes me feel incredibly beautiful regardless of how I may feel. He came out to the living room where I was straightening my hair and said, "See, you found something to wear. You look beautiful."

With that, my hormonal self melted with appreciation and I told him,"Thank you for always making me feel beautiful." Because for the record, I was sitting there going over all the things in my head NOT to say to pregnant women. (Things such as: Wow... you're HUGE. Or a recent favorite: someone asking if I was "fat yet." Ummm... FAT? Pretty sure I am just six months pregnant.) Yes, an etiquette book of sorts would very beneficial for the well meaning people out there and for the pregnant women they are "complimenting" as well.

Anyway, stepping down from my soap box now. My sweet husband then responded with, "I don't have to try hard to make you feel beautiful when you already are." I swear, sometimes he just has all the right lines.

We played the reigning German champs at home, and although we played them pretty close we ended up losing steam at the end. Having traveled to an away game on Saturday and then turning around to play again on Monday didn't fare too well against a deep and experienced team.

John played most of the game, and by the end I thought I may have to walk out there and carry him off the court. I think he just *may* be over the weight limit I am supposed to lift though.

All in all we had a great weekend. John was granted the next two days off, but since he was so exhausted we decided to stay at home instead of venturing off. It ended up being a very relaxing and enjoyable break though... blog post to follow!


Anne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your ex-pat Easter. I'm with you though . . . I miss church at home too, even though we do get to go here.

By the way, you are an absolutely gorgeous pregnant lady! Don't let any of those hormones ever tell you otherwise. Thank goodness John is there to point it out as well. :)

I'm sure you're counting down to Nebraska days, and I'm excited for you too!

Sarah said...

I just LOVE how people like to tell pregnant women how fat or big they're getting...there's one lady at work who asked me "Are you gaining weight?" before she even knew that I was pregnant...I just looked at her in shock and stuttered out a reponse of..."umm...yeah...umm...I'm pregnant..." and walked away. About 7 months later, I walked by the same woman and she held out her hands as far apart as she could and made this gesture that pretty much showed how big she thought I was. I avoided her desk like the plague after that point!

Mrs. Turek said...

WOW. The nerve of some people! Please tell me she has never been pregnant herself.