Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel like a woman!

(Yes, I am singing that song in my head as I type this.)

When I found out I was pregnant I painstakingly removed all nail polish from my toenails and fingernails in an attempt to keep as many toxins as possible away from my little one. Yes, I am one of those woman who reads everything and takes most of it to heart. Give me a rule and I will try my hardest to adhere to it. (Note: This is NOT always a good thing!)

I've been waiting until I get home to purchase a nail polish formula without all the "bad" stuff. Even though I do have some here without MOST of the ingredients I keep thinking "it's better to be safe than sorry." Until this morning that is.

At the moment my toenails are now painted in OPI's "Fuschia Fling" and I certainly feel brand new. My toes feel ready for spring and its sandals. As I was painting them I had the fleeting thought, so this must be what it feels like when a stay at home mom gets out for an afternoon away from her kids for a little "me" time. I opened the windows, applied a base coat, ran out of the room to escape the fumes and then repeated until my toenails were nice and bright.


This is where my original post ends, as John arrived home and our conversation went a little like the following.

Me: (Waiting at door for his arrival, a usual tradition in the Turek household.) "Guess what? I painted my toenails!" Although I'm wasn't expecting a joyous response, I wasn't exactly expecting the one I got either.

John: (Pretty sure he gasped.) "Ummm... Suzanne. I didn't think you were supposed to do that. Baby doesn't like that."

Me: I tried to rationalize my behavior, but ended up just feeling worse.

John: "What about all the fumes? Well, it is too late now... the stuff to get it off is probably just as bad for you."

Me: I run to the computer to spend the next 30 minutes frantically furthering my research in the nail polish department. I finally give up and decide what is done is done. I will leave it on for two weeks and find a more eco-friendly version upon returning home. (I'm all about creating win-win situations: Less guilt AND new nail polish? Win, WIN!)

In hindsight, the whole ordeal is pretty comical. I think it is one tiny lesson on parenthood in the multitude of many that are to come. Is painting my toenails a big deal in the whole scheme of things? Absolutely Not. Is it worth beating myself up over? Nope. Will I adopt many more theories and abandon them at some point along the way? Probably.

I'm okay with that. You live, you learn. Most parents are doing their absolute best to make wise decisions to protect their little ones. At the end of the day, it isn't painted or unpainted toenails that matter anyway. :)


Molly said...

Ummm Suzanne this is HILARIOUS!!! You are too cute and I think Baby T is just fine...even with the fumes! :)

Anne said...


Mrs. Turek said...

Haha... I know, I've gone a bit overboard. Perhaps I should find something else besides "researching" to do with my spare time. ;)