Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunny Days.

John had a couple days off a little while ago, and luckily we got to enjoy two beautiful days of sunshine. The first day we spent meandering around downtown, sipping lattes and enjoying gelato while people watching.

The next morning we packed a breakfast and headed on a walk to a nearby "pond" if you can even call it that. Coffee in a Starbucks mug, homemade egg "mcmuffins", and red grapes... you just can't go wrong.

I think baby Turek also enjoyed himself as well. :) He is getting so big already!

Daddy Turek enjoyed walking around the pond looking at who knows what. He also decided that the drainage area might be a good place to sleep if you were a bum as you wouldn't have to worry about moisture on the ground. Who thinks of such things?

Then I sat outside and read while John worked out and went to meet up with some friends at a nearby lake to picnic and play some UNO in the sun. Our youngest friend looks like she had fun too. :)

We then met up with some other friends for dinner at Road House, an American style restaurant. They took us to this memorial and that overlooks Hagen which we didn't even know existed. Beautiful views, great company and delicious food made for a great evening!

The ladies:

The men:

Part of the memorial:

And the happy parents to be (with baby of course!):

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