Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why are girl clothes positively adorable?

I really, honestly don't care if we're having a boy or a girl. But as John pointed out last night, I do keep calling the baby a "he." I'm not sure why... maybe it is just because I know that John wants a boy. Or perhaps it is because we saw "parts" at 14 weeks and they just didn't appear to be a girls'. ;) Medically speaking though, 14 weeks is still too early to determine gender.

ANYWAY.... all that just to say when I see images like this it kind of, sort of makes me want a girl. If not this time around... then next time or the time after. It made me smile last night when John cuddled up next to me as we were getting ready for bed and said, "I would be really excited to have a girl too."

This image just kills me. How adorable.

(Rickshaw Design)

And how cute is this spring-time skirt?

(Chatti Patti)

Or the new and totally resonable line at Target from Liberty of London. The clothes are adorable, but of course only girl stuff is available.

What about this cute and trendy romper from Baby Gap?

I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl so I can start shopping and continue dreaming. Will I be making "vroom, vroom" noises while playing with cars or having tea parties and painting nails? Will I be leaning toward a shabby chic designed nursery for a girl or bit more modern scheme for a boy? Stay tuned... hopefully we will know in one week. :)


Emily said...

I agree! Girls clothes are so fun to pick out. All the links you posted are too cute. I am SO excited for you to find out the baby's gender in a week's time!!!

Mrs. Turek said...

I can only imagine the wardrobe of the first girl born to one of you lovely ladies. ;) At least I have two nieces to shop for... living vicariously through others is always fun too. I can't wait to know what we're having though, only a few more days!