Saturday, March 13, 2010


A few from this past week...


- Hitting the half way mark! Only twenty more weeks until we are able to hold our little one.
- Our baby's movements and kicks as they progressively get stronger.
- John getting home after his two and half day basketball camp. I was like a little school girl, giddy with excitement, waiting for his return.
- John telling me and writing to me that he missed me and "baby."
- Dinner at Vapiano with the girls. Delicious food and great company.
- The yummy salad that John got me for dinner last night. The chicken and rice I made didn't sound so appealing, so he kindly got take out for me instead. Such a sweet guy!
- Finishing two books: Kite Runner and Belly Laughs.

- Another one of "those mornings." After a not-so-great nights' sleep (rib pain, nightmares, having to go to the bathroom) I woke up not feeling so hot. I should have known what was coming, but wasn't quite prepared. After throwing up the first time and shedding some tears, I decided I would start my day over and take a nice warm bath. Little did I know I would soon be hunched over the side of the bathtub while trying to throw up in the toilet. In hindsight, it is pretty funny... at the time, not so much!
- Not seeing the sun!
- My ribs stretching causing me much pain. I didn't think it happened this early, but apparently I was wrong.

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