Monday, March 15, 2010

My new favorite thing...

is EBATES! I just purchased some California Baby products in anticipation of our little one's arrival. (I am trying to get all my online purchases done before I get home, so that I have plenty of time to work on home and yard related tasks when I get home. And of course, to allow more time to spend with family and friends barbequing!)

So imagine my surprise when I just got Free Shipping, $10 off a $50 purchase, and will get an additional 6% back through Ebates (via a check in May) all just by signing up for this sweet little program. (For those who want a total, I saved $12.53 off already good prices at plus got free shipping and didn't have to pay tax since there isn't a brick & mortar store in Iowa.)

Now you can too! If you haven't heard of it before... check it out. I will for sure be starting all my online purchases through ebates from now on. You can still combine discounts, free shipping, etc. I'll keep you posted on more bargains I find.

Here is a referral link if you love deals as much as I do:

Sign up today!

You'll even get a $5 signing bonus!

Just a few online sites I already shop at that are included in ebates: Overstock, Target, Walmart, Kohl's,, Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, Sephora, Hotwire, Itunes, Bath & Body Works, Best Buy... and the list goes on. This will really come in useful at Christmas time when I do most of our shopping online!


Emily Hawkins said...

Ooooh! I am so excited to try this! I don't buy much online, but lately I have been on a bit of an Amazon the way, you look so cute! Hard to believe you're already half-way there!!! :) When are you heading back to the States?

Mrs. Turek said...

I am already addicted. ;) I am in a frenzy trying to get stuff for the baby, so I'm glad I stumbled across it! Too bad I placed a rather large Target order the day before I found it. :) Right now you can get 7% back from Gap, Old Navy, and Banana, so I'm hoping that is still the case come the 18th. THANK YOU for thinking of me with the sale... I am going to order some spring/summer maternity clothes as we'll be back early May!