Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stroller Shopping.

Who thought finding the "perfect" stroller would be such a difficult task? Of course, if were were residing in the States permanently our decision probably wouldn't be so hard. But, factor in cobblestone streets, third floor apartments sans elevators, and small trunk space and suddenly the options don't seem so vast.

In my research I decided that perhaps it would be best to purchase a single stroller that converts to a double. Enter the Phil & Ted's sport. I do realize that most in my position probably wouldn't be considering a second child already, but I am... so why not factor that into our decision? This stroller allows you to push one child OR two children. Only taking one out for an errand? Simply take the seat off the back.

John and I took a trip to Dortmund to two different baby stores which supposedly sold this brand. The "doubles" kit is currently free with the purchase of a stroller, and if we liked this stroller I didn't want to miss out on the sale. This was our first stop:

Apparently Baby Markt's website had not been updated, as they didn't carry Phil & Ted's. Although they did have a Britax with a similar concept.

Off to store number two. We arrived, looked over all the strollers and once again didn't see the Phil and Ted's. When we tried to ask a saleslady we were informed (mainly through non-verbal communication) that is was a catalog only purchase. BUMMER. So, our shopping day wasn't much of a success... except I finally found maternity jeans at H&M. I still don't "need" them, but they sure are comfortable!

Now it is back to square one. At this point we are leaning toward my first instinct. The Baby Jogger City Mini. It isn't as durable as many on the market, but the light weight and ease of folding are incredibly appealing. I can't imagine carrying a baby and a heavy stroller up three (or more!) flights of stairs.

So the search continues. If any moms out there have a stroller that they love PLEASE be sure to post it in the comment section! I would love any and all advice. Or, did you buy one that you thought you would like only to find out later there were different features you would prefer? (We don't want to buy two different strollers, heavier and umbrella type, as we already have enough to lug back and forth overseas.) What else should we consider?

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