Monday, March 29, 2010

Dusseldorf Game.

So this particular game, was a BIG game. In my opinion, should be big time, but for the team coaches and management it seemed as if this sole game would determine whether or not the team would stay in first division for next year.

Even though they had two games before this particular match up, all focus was put on the game against Dusseldorf. The team was sent to some sort of camp the week before, we had a pre-game dinner the night before the game, they had a breakfast the day of the game... clearly this was a must win.

In fact, the club even bussed in 1500 fans to cheer on the team, which I will admit made for a pretty fun atmosphere. Here they are starting to trickle in.

The daughter of one of John's teammates was also ready for the fun to begin. Isn't she adorable?

I am pretty sure I was nervous before the game even started. With all this pressure what would happen if they didn't turn out victorious?

Well, let's just say the game was pretty intense. We ended up winning by two points, in the last seconds of the game. In fact, the opposing team had possession of the ball with about seven or eight seconds left on the clock. Luckily, they didn't get a shot off in time and Phoenix Hagen WON! The fans went crazy.

You'd think we'd just won a championship. Crowds of people chanting and waiting for the players to board the buses with them. I, on the other hand, stayed safely inside the confines of the player's bus. Riding home with a bunch of wild and probably drunk fans just did not sound too appealing.

John went to see the dermatologist a couple days later and he said, "You saved our town for next year." Apparently the entire city was counting on Dusseldorf not winning any games. Well, unfortunately the plan backfired. Dusseldorf DID win their game this past weekend. So now Phoenix Hagen is at the bottom of the pack once again, which means if they don't win another game they will be back in second division next year.

I will exercise restraint and not say anything else on this matter since this is a public blog. But, I will assume that most of you are thinking similar thoughts to mine. ;) Back to square one it is...

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