Monday, March 15, 2010

21 Weeks.

I'll just say it... I feel huge. I know, I know... everyone keeps telling me how tiny I am. But I don't FEEL tiny. I feel more like a hippo with bird legs and T. Rex arms. My fear of being stuck in that "is she fat (more like does she have a beer belly) or pregnant" stage was confirmed by two different sources Saturday night at John's game.

The first being with a news reporter whom interviewed me before the game. Perhaps she wasn't really listening to my responses, as it was loud and she was probably thinking of the next question to ask. But I clearly stated that John and I were thrilled to be parents come July. Afterward she was asking me some off-camera questions and I explained how sick I had been in the previous months with my pregnancy. A slight look of shock registered across her face as her eyes quickly dropped to my ever expanding belly and she said, "Oh, now I see."

The second being a visitor of a teammate. She asked if we had any children to which I responded, "We are expecting a baby in July." Her response: "Oh, I didn't even notice!"

Okay... not that I expect everyone to walk around looking at my belly. That is not the point at all. My only point is that I am not quite in that "oh, she is pregnant" stage. I am sure I will be, within a matter of weeks and then I will keep growing and growing until I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka (you know, the one who swallowed the chewing gum.)

Bad analogies aside, it truly is amazing what a woman's body goes through to bring a new life into this world. Every time the baby kicks I want to stop everything and just enjoy the moment. Sure, I feel huge at times but I must embrace it because I certainly won't feel smaller any time soon. I've always thought that pregnant women were absolutely beautiful, and I still do. After all, carrying a child is a miracle; it only seems right that the beauty of God's creation radiates through to the outside as well.

Edit: Leave it to my 14 year old nephew to bring a little perspective. He wanted to see me on the webcam since it's been a while, and his response was "Wow, she is really showing!" Too cute. Maybe it was just the outfit I was wearing in this picture that made it less obvious. ;)

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