Friday, November 20, 2009

If a picture says a thousand words....

This one must say more.

I was holding one niece in my arms while frantically trying to get my camera out of my coat pocket to capture this sweet moment in time. Our little two year old niece is carefully placing flowers on her great-grandmother's tombstone.

This, to me, is a celebration of a life well lived. My niece may not know exactly what she is doing here, but her sweet innocence says it all. She loved going to "grandma's" to walk through the courtyard, to find the fishies, and to chatter away with the other residents.

It saddens me that our (future) children won't get to know their great-grandma here on this earth. I pray that someday they will get to meet her in a much better place... where there will be no sickness, no sadness and no tears.

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