Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day trip to Dortmund.

John had a day off, so we decided to visit a city only 20 minutes from here. We knew there was an Ikea off the Autobahn, so we decided to go get a cookie sheet, wander around for design inspiration, and get some goodies in the cafe. We then ventured into the city center to meander about. I remembered to take some photos, just for you.

Our drive from Hagen to Dortmund, what a pretty view!

They are assembling this in the city center... full of real trees! What an undertaking, I can't wait to see the finished product.

A close up of what appears to be quite the undertaking. I wonder how many trees they will end up using. Incredible!

John taking a break to eat a bratwurst, loading up on ketchup and mustard from a contraption that I am pretty sure was inspired by a cow's udder.

Subway? Check. Pizza Hut? Check. Starbucks? Yes, I am one lucky gal. ;)

Shopping street. Bliss.

And then, I spotted it. Anyone recognize this signage? Here is it a T.K. Maxx instead of a TJ Maxx! Many of their products were from the U.K. I was incredibly tempted to buy a yummy smelling "Copenhagen Candle Company" treat, but I forced myself to walk away. Yes, I was proud of my self-control. Those of you who know me well, know how much I love my candles!

The ride home, all worn out from a day of shopping and walking.

Stay tuned for our finds! I came home a very happy girl. :)

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Emily said...

Love it!!! I can't believe you have a T.J. (or I guess, T.K) there!!!