Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A "walk in the park."

The day of the accident had certainly started like a walk in the park with these two precious nieces of ours. What is it about parks that children love so dearly? Of course having a fun uncle makes those slides all the more exciting.

John underestimated how heavy he was and ending up landing right on his rear. Our oldest niece thought it was hilarious, our youngest niece still isn't quite sure what to think.

Rocks in the shoes just don't belong. Uncle John has a funny way of helping get those pesky little things out.

Naturally the oldest, miss independent, wanted to do it herself.

Posing with Baby Turek. Our oldest niece understands there is a baby inside and carefully places her hand on my belly in an attempt to feel the baby move. Her mom is also pregnant and expecting a baby boy just weeks before us.

The night after the accident the girls came bearing flowers, balloon and card. Our oldest niece was very concerned and looked so shy upon entering the living room. Later she prayed for me and the baby... words that I am just sure God smiled down upon.

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