Monday, May 17, 2010

The little things.

We've been completely busy the past week and a half since we've been home and I still feel as though my to-do list is a hundred miles long. This is just part of our lifestyle, but for some reason I still over estimate my time and abilities and assume I will get way more done than what reality will allow.

Another post on what the past week and a half has looked like will follow, but for now I am basking in the memory of our first morning out on our deck. I have been looking forward to it for a very long time, especially with such a long winter. And alas, that day finally came. It hasn't come again... but as soon as the sun decides to make a constant appearance we will eat most of our meals out there until it gets too hot.

My favorite man in the world + sunshine + peaceful backyard woods + cranberry pomegranate green tea = a perfect morning

Thanks to my hubby for the new camera he got me for my birthday as I am hoping to become more skilled in photography before our little one arrives. It may help if I would sit down long enough to read the owner's manual....

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Emily said...

Can't wait to see just what you're describing in person. :) Don't wear yourself out too much this week. Save some energy for the fun weekend ahead!