Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trying to find motivation. :)

Well, I am bound and determined to do a better job keeping up with this blog. Most days I honestly just forget about it. However, as I sit here on the chair with my legs propped up I am looking for any excuse to not cook dinner. In reality all I have to do it get the Mahi Mahi that has been marinating out of the refrigerator and pay fry it; at the moment that just sounds like too much work. (No, I am not THAT lazy, okay maybe I am, but I just got back from a work out and am physically worn out.)

The regular season is now over. Turow finished in SECOND PLACE! Whohoo! After such a long season of ups and downs I am quite proud of the boys. :) This means that the post-season tournament will soon begin! In my book it couldn't start soon enough. I don't personally don't understand why it hasn't started by now, but hey... I'm not the one doing the scheduling.

Well... I should probably force myself to get up and cook dinner! Until next time...

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