Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A fresh perspective.

It is amazing how our perspectives change so easily. When we first arrived in Zgorzelec the sun was shining and warm weather awaited us. Although pre-season equals long days for John, the beginning of a season is often a time of rest for me. Our summers are usually filled with visiting family and friends, and traveling. This past summer we were also busy moving everything out of our storage unit, moving into our new home, furniture shopping, and decorating.

All this to say, at the beginning of the year my attitude about living in Poland was bright and cheery. I would sit outside in the park, reading a book, and think to myself... life is good. I enjoyed laying out by the pool and watching everyone around me. I soaked in the language, the culture, and my surroundings. I thanked the Lord every day for every single blessing He had ever given me.

Then came the long winter months. I found myself struggling to stay thankful. The dreary days seemed to dampen my spirits and I had to fight harder than usual to remain positive.

Yesterday was another difficult day. The day started out with sunshine, and I was in a great mood. Then all of a sudden the snow began to fall and it was a blizzard outside! The rest of the day I was finding myself jealous of everyone back at home and in other parts of the world enjoying Spring weather. In a matter of twenty minutes my perspective had suddenly changed.

I just returned from a walk outside, and as I neared my apartment suddenly I was transported back in time to the beginning of the season when I still had a fresh outlook on everything. I quickly realized it wasn't the place or people around me that had changed, but my perspective.

Weather may change, friends may come and go, but God will always be my rock. He is the only one I can count on who will never fail me. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective!


Emily said...

Don't worry, Suzanne. Here in Oklahoma we've gone from 85 degrees, to snow, to thunderstorms and tornados, to sun and warm weather again. Then this week it's been "spring-like" and this weekend they're predicting a blizzard! Hopefully by the time spring hits in Poland, it will stick around. :)

Mrs. Turek said...

I heard about the big snow storms that were supposed to hit! Yikes! I also saw pictures from the KC area... I guess I shouldn't feel so bad. ;)