Monday, March 23, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts, I really was going to try to do a better job. But, my good intentions quickly faded to the last of my priorities as we have entertained company for the past couple of weeks. John's mom was here for about five days, followed by my sister coming to see us for a week.

Now, we are both squished on the couch enjoying some American snacks my sister brought us and enjoying the quiet moments. Thanks to my mom we are able to enjoy Girl Scout cookies! Yum. Reece's peanut butter cups, Twizzlers, Starburst jelly beans, oh the things we take for granted back home.

As I turned on Enya for my "reading" music, John looked at me and said, "We're like a sophisticated couple now. You reading and me playing Scrabble." I had to laugh at that one. He's so cute! ;)

We hope that each of you, wherever you may be, take the time to enjoy the quiet moments and to appreciate all that surrounds you.

-Goodnight from the Tureks. (If only you could hear my husband humming along, it might just lull you sleep.)

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