Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kaleb's First Haircut!

And... FINALLY.... photos from Kaleb's first haircut! Needless to say, cutting a squirmy wormy toddler's hair was quite a challenge. Every time I pulled his hair out straight he would reach behind his head with his chubby little fingers in an attempt to figure out what I was doing. Daddy did a good job at keeping him entertained, but I just wasn't fast enough. However, I think it would have been way more dramatic had we gone to a salon!

Please excuse the messy little face. This is real life here... and we were heading to the bathtub directly after his haircut. Why bother with clean up twice?


This little boy has some really great hair- hair I wish a little girl could have! Nice and thick... also making it hard to cut!


Mommy, what are we doing?!?!


Okay mommy, now I am really confused!


Happy little guy showing off his new "big boy" haircut! The next morning I looked at my Kaleb and felt like he had grown half a year. I knew this would be the case. But, he looks so cute... so proud of himself as he toddles around sans baby locks. I am just loving this stage, he is so much more aware. Oh course, that also brings its own challenges... but I'l take them for this rewarding smile. :)



sweetemaline said...

Look at all those teeth! He is getting cuter and cuter every day!

Joetta said...

Hey mom you did a nice job.Did you save some locks for his baby book?!?

Suzanne Turek said...

And that was a month ago- he now has FOUR more popping through! Crazy.

Yes, I saved his baby locks, how could I not?!? :)