Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interview over at Married to a Baller.

For those of you interested in more details of our story, how we got here, where we've been, what I struggle with, what I've learned.... then you can check out an interview I did over at Married to a Baller. 

Erin Crispin, the blogger behind Married to a Baller, has been such an inspiration to me. I love getting to know other basketball wives, because they "get it." For instance, they know this life sounds way more glamorous than what it really is and thus we can easily relate to daily life experiences. Erin is a dedicated wife and a mother of four who loves Jesus. Her blog posts often encourage me and remind me that God gives us strength to endure the life that He has planned for us. That said, she makes it look way easier than what I know it really is!

(In other news, we gave Kaleb his first haircut... and suddenly he looks so much older. Sigh. I knew that would happen, which is why I procrastinated it. He is awfully cute though, toddling around and looking more and more like a "big boy." I will be sure to post pics soon.)


Erin Crispin said...

Thanks, Suzanne for your sweet words :) I was honored you would share your experiences on my blog. I know it will serve as an encouragement to many!

P.S. It is bitter sweet when that first haircut takes away the baby look!

Emily W. said...

Love the interview! You may have been going crazy, typing emails to friends in the states to stay connected, but I'll never forget how special it made me feel that you hadn't "forgotten about us" after moving so far away...remembering to ask about things like birthdays and finals and even coming to graduation! One of your special talents is the art of keeping in touch, not letting physical distance keep you from remaining "present." ...One more reason why you're an inspiration as a woman and a friend. :)

Suzanne Turek said...

Erin- Thank YOU for sharing my story. It was really fun for me to do the reflection... always brings back great memories. :) And that first haircut is so bittersweet, just like the entire first year. They just grow so fast.

Emily- You are WAY too forgiving. Honestly, I always feel like I do a horrible job at keeping in touch! My ratio of thinking about you vs. letting you KNOW I am thinking about you is far unbalanced. What I love though, is that we are always able to pick right up where we left off, like we haven't skipped a beat. (Or a year!) MISS YOU.

Anne said...

What a great interview. Your description of when you guys were dating made me smile.

You're such a great wife and a great mom. I am always encouraged to view my life with a little more grace and joy when I read what you write.

Love you!


Suzanne Turek said...

Anne- thank you for your kind words... they were such an encouragement to me. I don't know what I would do without you ladies and your prayer for me over the years!