Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Owl Spotting!

Our backyard at our new house is heavily wooded, which we love in the summers due to the amount of privacy it affords along with the added benefit of watching wildlife. So, when we returned home for the funeral the view was much different, as we could see all the way through the woods to our neighbors' homes! Now I really do need to get up shades in our master bathroom. ;)

While the view is no longer as spectacular as it was when we first moved in, it is neat to watch wildlife as you can easily see the deer meandering about. So, when John's nieces came over for a bit I took the two year old to the back window to look for deer. Much to my surprise... I spotted an OWL!

At first I was half in shock and half entranced, owls are such beautiful creatures. Then I realized I had to attempt to capture this moment for John, since he was already back in Germany. Luckily, my camera was sitting out on the desk in the kitchen. I quickly scooted off to grab it, hoping the owl would still be there upon my return. And he was, seemingly watching my every move. This is the photo I got in:

Clearly this isn't a great photo, but I mistakenly took my niece out the deck to get a better view. True to form for a two year old, she made a loud noise and scared him off. Watching him fly away was pretty incredible though as he glided effortlessly through the trees with his long wingspan. Of course, I then spent the next ten minutes making "whoo whoo" owl noises and repeating "owl" until my niece mastered both.

I hope that today you take some time to find beauty in your surroundings. You never know what might surprise you!

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