Saturday, December 12, 2009

Game time!

I am currently "watching" John's away basketball game. By "watching" I mean following the live stats while trying to translate words into English so I can understand what is going on. Unfortunately, as organized as the BBL is, I don't really care for their game tracker. But, here I am "watching" it nonetheless.

One thing I dislike about just following stats is that I never feel like I get a true read on how well the team is playing. Statistics are just that, statistics. They don't show hustle or heart and usually fail to explain why a coach isn't giving certain players time on the court. (Although sometimes even being at the game also leaves me clueless in this arena!)

Oh, and I am also annoyed by the amount of "Phoenix Hagen Team Defensiv Rebound." At least four already. Come on stat keepers, give credit to someone!

That's all for now... back to "watching" the game. :) We're down by four points with three minutes left in the second quarter. Let's hope they win this one!

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