Friday, December 18, 2009

It finally SNOWED!

It is finally beginning to feel a little more like Christmas time with snow covering a bit of the ground now. I took some photos, but of course... my organized self can't seem to find the cord I need to upload photos. It is just a slight dusting, but snow has such a way of making everything seem so cozy.

So, after our taco dinner John and I (mostly me, John did the dishes) made some of the biggest chocolate chip cookies ever. And we HAD to do a taste test right out of the oven. You know, just to make sure they tasted okay with milk. ;) Yummm!

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Emily said...

Sounds like fun! We still haven't had any snow here, but I did spend one night this week doing some of my own chocolate chip cooking baking and testing.:) Merry Christmas!