Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

Well, December is finally here which means in my book we can officially start Christmas preparations. I am making chicken and dumplings for our Turek Christmas decorating party tonight.

This afternoon I ventured downtown to meet a friend for coffee and soaked in the ambiance of the Christmas market. I love to see stores buzzing with people, little shops decorated for the holidays, and stands with everything from toasted almonds to Gluhwein (a spiced hot red wine).

Here are some long lost photos of when my brother came to see me a couple of weeks back. Mr. Turek had to sign autographs at an open house for a local bakery, so we got to tag along and sample the goods!

A gingerbread cookie just for me!

So delicious.

Most of this groups' tunes were sung in English. Such as a slowed down, acapella version of "It's Raining Men," complete with little actions. Hilarious!

Staying warm with some hot drinks!

Standing in line to get brats... something must have been funny!


Emily said...

I love the pictures of the bakery, but of course, my first thought was, "Where did Suzanne get that coat? It's so cute!"

Mrs. Turek said...

Thanks Em! It keeps me nice and warm... even better!