Thursday, October 29, 2009

My love affair.

... with latte macchiatos.

There is just something that I love about drinking coffee in Europe. Perhaps it is because I have less that demands my attention while I am here, so I don't feel guilty pausing to watch the world go by. Perhaps it is because of the sheer volume of cafes that invite me to spend my afternoon with them. Perhaps it is because they serve them in glass rather than paper, and you can see the separation of the espresso, milk, and foam. Or, perhaps it is due to the taste... the lattes have less sugar and more espresso. Whatever the reason, I was happy to sit in a cute little cafe the other day and savor a latte macchiato. My loving husband captured a photo of the moment. I told you I wasn't taking things for granted any longer!

Clearly this isn't a great picture. (I specifically requested no flash, as not to draw attention to me acting like a "tourist".) But, I love that when you look closely, you will see that I am actually smiling while drinking. That may or may not be staged, I really don't remember. But I like to think that it was just the paparazzi capturing a picture of me and my love affair with European... lattes. :)

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