Monday, October 26, 2009

First home game.

Well, John had his first home game last night. The story behind the gym itself is pretty incredible. Apparently, the gym was built in just a matter of months as a community effort to build something big enough to meet first division standards. (The team was in second division last year, and after a winning season was able to move up.) The gym itself isn't the nicest in the world, but to think that so many people volunteered to get it done in time, made for a pretty incredibly atmosphere.

Phoenix Hagen was losing last night, to another team that is doing really well, but the fan support was still pretty good. John didn't look like himself, but that is probably to be expected since he hasn't even practiced with the team yet! The next game isn't until Sunday, so thankfully he will have some time to get into a routine and get to know how to react to his teammates on the court.

We have the day off, and although our morning/afternoon was spent getting some necessities taken care, we will probably go downtown now and explore the city a bit. John did turn his ankle in the game, so we won't be able to do too much walking, but I will try to take a few pictures!

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