Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sanctity of Life.

The past few days I have been more keenly aware of how precious life is. What miracles I have been blessed with. As I nurse Isaiah I remember when he was still just kicking away inside of me. As Kaleb strings new words together I stop.

Piggybacks. Method of distraction. Works every time. (almost.) #mamahood

Reflect on my bundles of joy growing so quickly before my eyes.
And so it begins. Baby throws a fit because he wants big brother's toy.

That said, there are thousands of miracles each day that are never able to take their first breath.



Mothers and fathers who will forever wonder what their little one would have looked like, when he or she would have first cooed or laughed, taken that first anticipated step, or gotten a first haircut.


We can't turn the other way and pretend as though it weren't happening. Because it is. Let's do what we can to be a voice for these sweet babies. Let's love single mamas well, be their community. And let's pray. Pray that life would be chosen over convenience.

Please- take three minutes and read this article written by John Piper.

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Room4More said...

This article is great for skeptics. Thanks for writing it
and talking about a cause that often feels lost. Love you.