Thursday, October 25, 2012

Staying in the pic.

If you are a mom, and you haven't read the blog post Mom Stays in the Picture please stop what you are doing and read it now. I figured it was a must read after at least five of my friends recommended the article on facebook. Sure enough, it has convicted me. Not only to stay in the picture, but to try to take as many photos of Isaiah at this stage as I did Kaleb. It reminded me that these photos are not only for me in the years to come, but for him as well. (Okay, maybe his wife, ha!)

One of my fav instagram photos as of late:

Big bro just puked all over. Thankfully lil bro is smiling on.

(I am mrsturek on instagram if you want to follow. Above photo taken with an iPod touch. I brightened and reduced noise using the photoshop app then instagrammed.)

On a random note. Our local mall had "Mexican days" recently so Saturday morning I got out for a bit and was able to check it out. What did I find? Truffles, sushi, fresh bread, sparkling wine, olives, fancy cheese, and a few tortilla shells and salsa. Hilarious.

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