Saturday, October 20, 2012

Four month old Isaiah.

My little Isaiah dear just cooed himself into a happy, sleepy place. And my heart could not be more glad for those sweet sounds bubbling from his lips.

The days of having to bounce him around the house while frantically turning on the vacuum cleaner for noise seem so distant now. Smiles and laughs have replaced the inconsolable cries and screams. I knew the day would come, but I often had to remind myself that it was just a season. I would do it all over in a heartbeat, to be where we are now. Sure, we aren't sleeping through the night yet and I often find myself wanting to complain about the lack of sleep. But when I think about the progress we've made? Well, the shift of perspective makes me thankful to be where we are.

For you mamas out there that are in the same boat we were in just weeks ago. Hang in there. Your time will come. It will come before you know it, even if it does seem like light years away right now.

Four months ago today we welcomed our Isaiah into the world. As his daddy said the other morning, "You can keep your mommy up all night and one smile in the morning makes her light up like a Christmas tree." Yep, I am smitten.

I have said that I knew right away that we were "in for it." Isaiah entered the world screaming and I quickly called him my "spirited child." This boy seems to know what he wants. He is already rolling from his tummy to back, his back to tummy, is scooting a bit on his tummy, moving in circles given enough time, and is even sitting up a bit with support. He loves his big brother, tracks him around the room, laughs, smiles, and imitates our facial expressions. I am loving nearly every minute of this stage.

No more relaxing in my bouncer. Gotta lean forward so I can eat my toy. #bjornbabysitter

Were we "in for it?" Yes. In for so much joy and happiness that this little face would bring to our family.

Love pulling out kaleb's old clothes for lil bro, especially jammies. Nothing beats a sweet cuddly baby ready for bed.

Lest you think I forgot about big brother, he melts my heart too. This morning he kept coming up to give me kisses on the lips. Oh my sweet firstborn.

Snack time on the balcony, enjoying the lovely sunshine.

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