Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brother or Sister?

Will it be this?

(Photo from Etsy)

Or this?

(Photo from Etsy)

Today is the BIG day. We will (hopefully) find out if Kaleb is going to have a little brother or sister! The suspense is killing me, and I have a feeling the next few hours are going to seem like days. Honestly, I hadn't done too much thinking about it up until the past few days. First, I was just trying to get through the first trimester and then just as I was starting to feel better life got crazy in other areas.

Now that we have been home about a week from our unexpected trip to the States, life seems more "normal" again and I feel as if I have had more time to anticipate the arrival of our little one. I spent a little time browsing nursery ideas the other day, and it just made all the more anxious to know.

So... we will update you once we get the word out to family. That is, IF baby Turek cooperates!

Giddy with excitement,


(I think Kaleb is excited as well as he should be napping by now but is not.)


sweetemaline said...

I call 'little sister.' But a miniature Kaleb wouldn't be too bad to see all over again!

Room4More said...

Siblings are the best! Does this mean you'll be at MC this week?

Suzanne Turek said...

Kara, I wish! We are back in Poland now- of course we were only there during MC break! John was only in town a few days while I stayed with Kaleb before we traveled again. I made it to CD, but he didn't last through nursery, so I didn't get to hang around to see anyone. Bummer!