Friday, January 20, 2012


We are beyond thrilled to announce that baby Turek is a BOY!!! I had a feeling he was, but I wasn't sure whether to attribute it to instinct or to the fact that all I know right now is boy. Regardless, I have been saying "this little guy" and "he" and whatnot for a while not. John didn't have a strong feeling either way, but if he had to guess he said boy.

We left early for our doctors appointment yesterday afternoon arriving 30 minutes early. Can you say anxious? Once we made it to the ultrasound portion of the exam, we didn't have to wait much longer. Our doctor said, "Well, it is NOT a girl!" At that point we were still trying to make out the image in front of us. But as she zoomed in we could see his little hand- touching his boy parts. Apparently self discovery starts in the womb. Who knew?

So, I don't think there is any denying that Kaleb will have a little brother to play with and get into mischief with. I am sure they will keep us on our toes in the coming years, but I am excited to watch Kaleb in his new role. Last night as I gave Kaleb his bath, I got tears in my eyes imagining him playing with his little brother, splashing away. Boys play so much differently than girls, so it will be fun that they get to play "boy" together. Although at some point I am sure I will be wishing they would just play girl. (Example: When they proudly bring in a snake from the woods and I run and scream.)

We are having fun imagining what our family will look like in the coming years. All I know is that if this little one takes after his father and big brother in the appetite department I may be in the kitchen all. day. long. Anyone who has witnessed John (or Kaleb for that matter) pack away food will understand this statement.

I can still remember a professor asking in class one day if we could only have all boys or all girls, which would we choose. I said BOY. Why? Because I didn't feel there were enough strong, mature, Godly men in this world. I would have the same answer today. I pray my boys will be just like their daddy: strong protectors and providers of their families that love the Lord and adoringly love and cherish their wife and children. (This is not to say that I don't adore girls or that I don't want one of my own some day, because I totally do. Or that I think one birth order is better than another, because I don't. I think every family's order of genders is just perfect and what God designed for them.)

I am so excited to start thinking of names and planning the nursery!



Erin Crispin said...

Congratulations, Suzanne. The world is indeed in dire straits for strong Christian men. Praying we would both raise ones that would be tender and tough for Jesus!

Phillis said...

Congrats to the Turek family! I am so excited for you. It was great seeing you and Kaleb a few weeks back. Now Grandma Linda will have three grandsons in a row.

ShullFamily said...

Perhaps your two boys are meant to share their faith in God, love, honor, and protection with our two girls! So happy for you all! Miss you guys. Love, The Shulls.