Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Night Sunset.

Last night was serene.

Watching the sunset while enjoying a pizza and greek salad picnic with my two favorite boys. The sound of waves softly crashing onto the shore serving as soothing background music. Cold sand between our toes reminding us that it is fall. Old and young alike soaking up the scene before them and reminding me just how similar we all are.

Goodnight Sun.

Goodnight Sun.

Goodnight Sun.


Phillis said...

Pardon my lack of geography knowledge, but what is the name of the body of water in the picture? Your mom said that Kaleb loves the birds!

Anonymous said...

oh my! so glad you made it safely :) and what beautiful scenery!! hope you are all well...thinking of you! :)

the sears family

Suzanne Turek said...

Phillis- no pardon needed. :) We are living in the north of Poland, so on the Baltic Sea. And Kaleb DOES love the birds. So cute!

Angie- Thinking of you guys too! It was SO nice to see you before we left!