Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comforting Cuddles.

I may not want to fully admit it, but my baby boy is growing up before my own eyes. A sweet family moment this evening not only left me in tears, but later... after I had tucked in my little guy I found myself looking through photos. My has he changed.

It seems like just yesterday that I snuggled him to my chest for the very first time. So, when he did so tonight, after daddy asked him to give mommy a hug... I couldn't hold back the tears. Tears of joy for the sweet little boy I have been blessed with. Tears of joy mixed with tears of sorrow because I am missing home and family... and it is just so hard to be far away when I know my grandpa isn't doing well and other loved ones are going through hard times.

But tonight, when my sweet Kaleb just held on to me and cuddled as I lay on John's lap, it wss as if God was answering my prayers right then and there. Kaleb was his instrument of comfort.

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