Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Four of Four.

John has been on the road for the past four days, his team won their season debut and are playing on the road as I type. I am hoping they get this win and get home soon, I am missing my other half. Looking forward to a family day tomorrow, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Here are the small things that have meant so much to me these past days:

1. Kaleb getting excited as we came home from a trip to the zoo the first day John was away. We got to the hallway of our apartment and he kept repeating "dada dada dada." Although I was sad that daddy wasn't here to greet him, it made my heart happy that he recognizes home now.

2. Someone higher up finally decided it was time for the heaters in the city to be turned on! I was wearing Uggs around the apartment yesterday and was getting ready to go buy Kaleb a warm sleep sack when they turned them on. Oh the things we take for granted in the States, like being able to heat your home according to your own will!

3. Finding Sudocrem. If you have mothered in Europe there is a good chance you will know this product I am referring to. Kaleb has a bad case of diaper rase and our California Baby rash cream just wasn't cutting it. So out with cloth for a bit and in with disposables and the best- diaper- rash- cream- ever.

4. I had one of those magical motherhood moments last night. The one where you just want the whole world to freeze so that you can take everything in. It was cold and rainy, we had been shopping... Kaleb was tired and I was dreading getting all our stuff from the car to the apartment. And so, we ran. In doing so Kaleb started giggling away... half out of excitement and half out of awe. I wanted the world to stop. My sweet little boy reminding me to find delight in the little things, even if it was something I wasn't overly eager about at first.

5. Kaleb's rosy cheeks after playing for a good 30 minutes with his yellow ping pong ball. He'd throw it... chase after it... throw it again. Bring it to me... take a few steps here and there... but mostly just crawl on his knees. Honestly, I have never seen another child do such a thing, but he crawls upright on his knees only. So funny. Oh buddy, please walk soon. Anyway.... back to the point: Kaleb's face was bright red by the time we were done, as if he had just ran a mile. I should have taken a picture because it was pretty cute. I finally made him stop and get ready for bed.

Ready for bed as soon as this game finishes... up by 12 with a little over three minutes to go. Go Trefl!


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