Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Week in Poland.

We boarded a Chicago bound flight just one week ago today. Final destination: Sopot, Poland. By the grace of God, we arrived here on Wednesday afternoon safe and sound, without any meltdowns. That is saying something with an overtired, didn't- sleep- more- than- five- hours, toddler. We had people praying for us, that is certain.

Our apartment is cute, the best decorated one yet. It doesn't look like a bachelor has been living here for oh... the past five years. It is small but cozy. Kaleb is having a difficult time adjusting to his surroundings. I guess I wasn't fully prepared for that. Our first full day here it was just the two of us in the apartment. I was unpacking his suitcase and all of a sudden he looked around, closed his eyes (which he usually does when he sees a stranger) and started crawling as fast as he could in my general direction. That is when I knew it would take some time for my sensitive little guy to adjust.

The days have been filled with unpacking, cleaning, walks downtown, trips to the grocery store, and a trip to the beach. Nights have been filled with a crying, jet lagged baby and poopy explosions resulting in middle of the night baths. (Can't wait for Kaleb's internal system to get the memo that we are in a new time zone!) John left the morning after we arrived for what was supposed to be a three day, two night tournament. Thankfully it turned out to be two days, one night. I was feeling really good about everything, like I had everything under control, but the initial adrenaline of sorts is wearing off. This is probably just where God wants me- trusting in Him for strength and patience with my unusually crabby toddler.

I probably haven't given myself enough grace, thinking I should be better at this by now. I just packed up my family in a matter of days, boarded three airplanes (and managed to lose my husband in O'Hare) and unpacked in a new country. I've never done this with a toddler who is totally aware of his surroundings. I need to give us both time... because it is going to take it.

It always takes time. However, somehow every year I seem to forget that it does. I can relate it best to having a newborn. All you remember are those sweet little cuddles, the tiny fingers and toes, the suck and swallow as they nurse... the sweet milky breath when they are done. You almost forget about recovery, about the sleepless nights, about the unconsolable cries. I think God gives you this amnesia of sorts so that you'll do it all over again. I guess somehow he does the same for this transition period of our lives each new season.

We are thankful indeed. Grateful to be back in Europe. Waiting longer than usual will do that to you, make you more grateful for what you have been blessed with. John is enjoying being on the court again, and I am happy for him. His team is hosting a tournament here this weekend and I am anxious to watch him in action! We must remember to treasure this simple, slow paced season of our lives.



Erin Crispin said...

Great post. I can relate in so many ways. And even after 4 kids I certainly don't have it down yet ;)

Suzanne Turek said...

I am certain that you have it down more than you give yourself credit for! By the way... I was fortunate to get to meet up with Angie before we left town. She told me about the diva wrap you recommended, and I was able to get one shipped to me before we left. Thankful for it, especially since we don't have a dryer. :) I think I forgot how long it takes for clothes to dry, especially without the heaters on!

Erin Crispin said...

So glad you got to meet up with Angie! And glad the Diva is working well for you! I just saw your post on Facebook and just thought I would offer my two cents, for what it is worth: it is just going to take time. I have to pretty much just know that the first couple of weeks are going to be hard, esp. with my more sensitive kids. I really have to lower my expectations on what I am going to get done. They do adjust though :) Prayer, cuddles and reassurance will bring Caleb through soon. Praying for you :)

Suzanne Turek said...

Thank you Erin. I value your wisdom much more than two cents. ;) I thought you should know that I have been praying for you a lot lately, God just keeps putting you on my mind. First, when Joe was away... then for a permanent contract, and now while you get ready to join him. It won't matter where in the world you are, just that you are together. I just read your post that another mom will be joining you there as well... LOVE God's reassurances! Congrats on the upcoming adventure. :)

Erin Crispin said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. I have moments where I just KNOW someone was praying for me :) So glad Caleb went to bed easily tonight. The little joys! Praying for your grandpa too.