Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The hard part of this life.

Suitcases line our apartment, photos have been taken down... nothing really remains that proves that we lived here for ten months. That is the nature of this life we live, we move and make an apartment our home and then uproot everything when the season ends. This year in particular though, it seems to be harder than in years past. 

When we brought Kaleb here, he was a tiny infant. We watched him grow up here. He learned to sit, to crawl, to eat solids... he went through so many stages here, in his first year of life. And while I have photographs and videos to capture many of those special moments, it is unlikely that I will step foot inside this apartment again. 

We have finally said all our good-byes, shed our tears, sorted through our belongings.... and now all that separates us from our family at home is an ocean and about 24 hours of travel. We will be home before we know it though, reunited with Kaleb's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. As hard as it is to say our good-byes, we anticipate a summer packed with fun memories ahead.

By the grace of God we will make it home, in one piece, collapse into our own bed (yay!) and wake up ready to re-adjust to life in the States. To all our friends we have met here.... thank you for your friendship. We will never, ever forget this season of our lives. To friends waiting on the other side of the pond, we can't wait to see each of you!!!

Until we've settled back in the States, 

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Erin Crispin said...

I can completely relate to that feeling. Bittersweet. Just wait until he is older and doesn't remember anything about such big parts of his life growing up. it makes me sad :(