Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kaleb's "Fake" Cry.

I think I mentioned in a earlier post that Kaleb now has a "fake" cry that only makes John and I laugh. Sometimes he does this little whiny, fake cry while simultaneously trying to talk and then will suddenly stop and just smile away at us.

Most of the time, when I catch Kaleb's signs of drowsiness just right, he doesn't protest at all when going down for a nap or for bed time. He will lie in his crib and coo himself to sleep. (After reading several sleep strategy books we have gone with Dr. Marc Weissbluth's "drowsy but awake" method.) Once in a while he will need extra soothing because I allowed him to become overtired by missing his "I'm getting tired" cues before putting him down. And then, there are times like this... when he is perhaps a little overtired or is just already trying to protest nap time.

 *He was sleeping in a matter of minutes once I stopped taking footage. And if you find it inconsiderate that I am standing there watching him cry, please know that he was well fed and has a clean diaper. :)

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