Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pumpkins and a Palace.

I grew up in the midwest of the United States. A region where I was fortunate enough to experience four seasons each year. Sure, I got sick of the harsh winter come February. But it come Spring? It made the buds on the trees and the warmer temperatures all the sweeter.

As for fall? It is one of my favorite seasons. Apple cider candles burning, crisp leaves falling, trees changing colors. The cool mornings and warmer afternoons. Boots. Pumpkin lattes. Football. Chili. You get the idea.

I remember our first year overseas: I was missing fall scented candles like something fierce. My mom sent a care package full of yankee candles and I opened that box inhaling every scent like there was no tomorrow. (Since that year I have been sure that scented candles have always made my packing list!)

I may be able to pack candles, boots, jeans and sweaters. But one thing I can't pack? Pumpkin patches or apple orchards. With Kaleb getting older, these are traditions that I crave even more.

Enter the Ludwisburg Palace Gardens. Surely, a magical place. The pumpkin festival had me at hello. So much in fact, that I bought a year membership with only two months left of the "year." This my friends, has made up for missing the past seven years of pumpkin patches back home. Sorry Vala's, but you got nothing on this palace.

Pumpkins line the walkways. Enormous creations are made of pumpkins. Pumpkin seeds are being roasted in cinnamon and sugar and are sold to those passing by. DSC_0821 Children play in the hay. DSC_0813DSC_0803 DSC_0812 DSC_0799 Parents chat over lattes and pumpkin bread. Or pumpkin strudel. Or pumpkin muffins. Or pumpkin cookies. DSC_0831 My favorite? The pumpkin soup. I can't go back for enough of it. DSC_0833 DSC_0829DSC_0828 Apparently this pumpkin festival is the largest in the world when it comes to variety. Pumpkins comes from all over the world to show themselves off. I see you guys, you little beauties you. DSC_0826

It's kind of funny how it works, right? You don't know what you are missing until you have gone without you. Sometimes that is what it takes to make you appreciate the simpler things in life. I mean in the whole scheme of things, pumpkin patches really aren't a big deal. But, when you go without something for a while it makes you stop. Breathe. Appreciate. Cherish.

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emily said...

hi suzanne! i stumbled upon your blog a while back when my family & i first moved overseas, and have checked in every once in a while since. i just popped over and saw you guys have moved to ludwigsburg! we live in germany as well - in nuremberg, since may 2011. my husband actually works with the nuremberg basketball team - in fact, i think they played ludwigsburg earlier this year!

anyway, just wanted to say hello and welcome to germany! (a bit belated, i'm sure!). i loved your post about the pumpkin festival and had to laugh, as i wrote a very similar post on my blog and even called it "palaces and pumpkins" as well! :) you can see it here:


hope everything is lovely w your beautiful family, and let me know if you have any germany questions, or if you ever make it over to nuremberg! we have a beautiful christmas market here that is worth the visit!

all the best,