Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Newspaper Article.

While it is pretty common for John to be interviewed by the media, it isn't often that a reporter sits down to ask me questions. So... the link below is one of those rare occasions you will find me in a newspaper. My favorite part? Kaleb's sweet little face, of course! I just love his little expressions.

Suikerkoekjes bakken voor Suzanne (Which I think means "Sugar Cookies baked for Suzanne." Our first "date" was baking sugar cookies for our high school girls' basketball team! I can't understand the article in its entirety because it is in Dutch, but if I get a translation of it I will pass it along.)

For those of you who don't want to bother with the article because you can't understand it anyway, I managed to cut the photograph out and post it below. (Photo taken by Pepijn van den Broeke)

I hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you may be. It is dark and gloomy here but we are enjoying lots of cuddles indoors. We are starting to wake Kaleb up to the song, "This is the day that the Lord has made" each morning and it is a good reminder for me to be thankful for each day and every moment that we have been given. Even the dark and gloomy ones. I hope that you are able to do the same.

- Suzanne

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