Thursday, September 23, 2010

Game time.

Kaleb has done really well at his daddy's games recently. I think it has to do in part with the noise canceling headphones he has been wearing. Here he is after his first ever Euroleague qualifier game. He slept until the very end and was quite content with his pacifier until we could get up to the VIP lounge to feed him.

John is gone in Russia right now, leaving me as single mother for four days. Is it bad that it isn't even eight o'clock and I am already exhausted? We are on day two already, so almost half way done! I find myself really missing John, and not just because he is a great help, but because I miss his company and watching him interact with Kaleb. I feel like I am missing my other half, especially now that we are parents together. As the saying goes... absence makes the heart grow fonder. We are eagerly anticipating his return home. I will try to post more later, but for now I am going to relax with a cup of tea.

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